Meet Kaley Young, Our Content Swinger

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We are only as strong as the team that stands with us. At the League of Innovators, we are lucky to have some passionate, quirky, and incredible individuals that have much entrepreneurial experience and a willingness to share their knowledge with others. In our first Feature Friday, we introduce Kaley Young, our Content Swinger. Read below to learn a bit more about Kaley, and what brings her to LOI!

The three words describing your role are…

Creativity, Connection, and Meme Mastery

What brought you to LOI? What makes you stay?

Volunteering brought me to LOI – I had the awesome opportunity to work with them and other connectors. The people are THE BEST and super supportive – I couldn’t leave if I wanted to!

Got any passions?

I love beekeeping! I’m a novice but have been attending as many workshops, classes, and group meetings as I can. I have dreams of starting a small honey business and teaching workshops. Buzz buzz, y’all!

What does success mean to you?

Success to me is confidence. Whether I am making one dollar or one billion dollars, if I am feeling confident in my actions and decisions, then I am successful.

Your most unique skill?

I’m a swing dancer, and there’s a big swing dance community here in Vancouver! I’m no professional but, dang, if it just doesn’t have you smiling the entire time! No one frowns while swing dancing, NO ONE. It’s impossible. Don’t even try. Because you can’t. Only smiles. Don’t believe me? Come dancing!

The best advice you could give to a young entrepreneur is to…   

Laugh it off. Taylor Swift was wrong Don’t strive for perfect – there’s no such thing. Instead, have a sense of humor and always keep learning new things and connecting with people – you’ll find success in community!

Your most proud accomplishment?

It’s a silly one but I am most proud of dancing! Before I started my swing dance lessons in September, I literally NEVER danced. I was so shy and self-conscious and basically came from Footloose. But once I got into it, I loved it. Even though it sounds silly, it was mark of bravery for me to put myself out there and Lindy Hop off all my worries. And what’s even cooler is that swing dancing is all about connection – which has helped even away from those jazz bands! In short, it’s inspired me to be more open and engaging with others.

Anecdote you want to share?

Blake Lively once told me I had pretty hair, and then she did a similar hairstyle a few days later. And now I can die happy.

What is your life goal and how will you reach it?

Remember that bee business I mentioned? That. My actual life goal is to be the BEE. So far I’ve started my learning process with workshops, checking out all the library books, and putting things into practice with my own hive! I’ve joined the Richmond Beekeeping Association and have been trying to connect with the beekeeping community on both social media and in person. It’s a lot of learning but such a cool hobby!

The biggest influencer in your life?

My mom has been my biggest influence. (Hi, Mom!) She is so creative and witty… she’s #goals