Time to celebrate


In the last few weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to celebrate countless entrepreneurs around us working day and night to move the needle. Entrepreneurship is hard and without taking the time to reflect and celebrate the wins, whether big or small, we can easily feel like we’re not getting anywhere. This is why we love taking the time to hear stories, share some of ours and inspire a culture of celebrating wins in entrepreneurship! Some of our recent celebratory highlights included:

Attending the Startup Canada Awards in Vancouver and celebrating the startup community. Startup Canada has done a great job of hosting annual awards ceremonies to highlight growing startups and motivate us all to keep going. We were so grateful to receive an honourable mention but also want to highlight two LOI members and award winners - Sam Samida-Pugh, Founder of Progressive Fusion and previous LOI Labs Founder, for winning the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and Manny Padda, Founder of New Avenue Capital and LOI Board Member, for winning the Entrepreneur of the Year award! Congratulations team!

Hosting our own LOI Labs Demo Days in Vancouver and Toronto to celebrate the end of Batch 2! We love wrapping up our accelerator by bringing our community together, showcasing our young entrepreneurs and acknowledging all the work that has gone into building these businesses. We had 21 ventures pitching from across Canada and globally and were impressed and proud to witness their impact. Having such a diverse group of entrepreneurs together is also a great reminder that we all start and grow at different rates, and that’s okay. Congratulations to the founders for reaching this milestone and a big thanks to everyone that celebrated with us!

Joining Enactus Canada as a partner and hearing from young social entrepreneurs from across Canada. At Enactus Nationals, we co-hosted a session for student entrepreneurs and spoke with various post-secondary students driven to create impact from coast to coast. Although Nationals was a competition between Enactus chapters, it felt like an incredible gathering with 1000+ students supporting and celebrating each other for all they had accomplished! We were proud to see a number of our own Connectors and Founders at Enactus and witness their commitment to running mission-based programs.

This week takes us to Collision in Toronto and it also happens to be Canadian Innovation Week! What better time to come together as a community and once again, celebrate how we’re all collectively making an impact in entrepreneurship in Canada. The next time you meet someone, ask them about their recent win, share yours, and be sure to cheer each other on!  

Manisha Narula