Meet George, A Toronto Connector


The LOI team is excited to have changemakers, leaders, innovators and hustlers that play the role of LOI Connectors. They are the face of entrepreneurship in cities across Canada, and work to mobilize young entrepreneurs and build an accessible community of youth inspired and invigorated by entrepreneurship and innovation.  

For our first Connector Feature, we are proud to introduce George Khalife, one of our very first Connectors, a true community builder and advocate for youth entrepreneurship. He is the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Sampford Advisors where he provides M&A advisory to technology clients, the Co-Founder of BookBack, an app for university students to buy/sell books, and Host of the podcast “Let’s Grab Coffee”. Read below to learn more about George, and his work as a Connector with LOI.

What do you love about working with LOI?

I love LOI’s mission - which is to help inspire, mentor, and educate the next generation of entrepreneurs. On top of that, LOI provides the essential tools & resources necessary for young creators to succeed in turning an idea into a real business.

Got any passions? What is your life goal and how will you reach it?

I’m passionate about storytelling & community building. My 3 words are people, communication, impact and everything I do revolves around those foundations. So, my life goal is to reach a lot of people and communicate through stories to create a positive impact (whether for business or personal objectives).  

What does success mean to you?

Being the best I can be, everyday, and leveraging the capabilities I have to make the world a better place, in whatever magnitude I can.

The best advice you could give to a young entrepreneur is to… 

Don’t let other people’s opinion of you become your reality.

Anecdote you want to share?

In grade 5, after giving a bad presentation, my teacher came up to me and said I would never be a good communicator in business. Fast forward a couple years later, and now I get asked to do keynotes, moderate panels, and give motivational speeches. Nothing’s impossible, especially if YOU believe it.

The biggest influencer in your life?

My mom.