Meet Jasmine, Marketing Intern


Meet Jasmine Khanna - 3rd year commerce student at Queen’s University, entrepreneurship enthusiast and Marketing Intern at the League of Innovators. Jasmine is passionate about marketing and you can find her managing LOI’s social media accounts all summer. We can’t wait to see what she brings to the table! Read below to learn a bit more about Jasmine, and what brought her to join the LOI team!

1) The three words describing your role are…

Content. Creativity. Community.

2) What brought you to LOI? What makes you stay?

The LOI Marketing Intern job description caught my eye because it provided the opportunity to combine my two passions: marketing and entrepreneurship! I’ve only been here 3 weeks, but LOI is an amazing team to work with and I’m already sad that I’ll have to say good-bye in September.  

3) Got any passions?

I am an avid skier, and I love to travel to new places. One day I want to travel around the world by going to different ski destinations!   

4) What does success mean to you?

Success to me means working to the absolute best of your ability 110% of the time. I try not to be too results obsessed – if you continue to put the work in, success will follow.  

5) Irrational fear?

I am absolutely terrified of freezing cold water. I will go bungee jumping or on rollercoasters, but cold water is a big no-no.  

6) One piece of advice for young entrepreneurs?

Never be afraid to ask questions. Take advantage of your network, and learn from them.

7) What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I go to school at Queen’s, and volunteered to teach short entrepreneurship and business courses at underprivileged middle schools in Kingston, Ontario. My course was designed with a goal in mind: to teach the kids generally about a business cycle, from product to market, so that they could create their own product and try to sell it at school.

My most proud moment was when one of the groups, who was disinterested in the project to begin with, found that they could combine their passion of wood carvings with business. To put the cherry on top, they decided to donate the profit from selling within the school to charity. I was so proud to see that the courses had changed their mindset towards entrepreneurship and business.

8) Anecdote you want to share?

I’ve been a huge Canucks fan since day 1. When I was 8 years old I was walking with my sister from the parking lot to our golf lesson, and I saw the Sedin twins sitting at a table having a beer. I said to my sister, “Oh my god, it’s the twins.” Her response was, “who”?

At that exact moment, her clubs fell out of the bag and instead of the photo op that I wanted, one of them told her that she dropped her clubs, then preceded to walk away thinking we didn’t recognize him.

Funny in retrospect, but we still don’t talk about it at home.

9) What is your life goal and how will you reach it?  

I want to work in international marketing for a company or cause that makes a real, tangible difference in in the lives of others. Still working on reaching it, but for now I am absorbing all the opportunities available to me!

10) Who has influenced you most in your life?

My grandma. She immigrated from India in the ‘60s and despite all the obstacles facing of her, she accomplished her dream of being a doctor in Canada. Her resilience, hard work and wisdom inspire me to reach for the stars.