Meet Parham, Influencer


NAME: Parham Albadvi

HOME BASE: Vancouver

Meet Parham - a relationship builder, influencer and explorer of the unknown. Parham thrives in fast-paced environments and approaches challenges with a “don’t get ready, get started” mentality. His passion is to work on innovative projects that spark curiosity and drive meaningful change. He is currently working with Vidyard in a sales development role, where he focuses on helping businesses drive revenue through the strategic use of video. A cool fact about Parham is that he is trilingual and has lived on three different continents during his lifetime.

What do you love about working with loi?
Our collaborative efforts towards a common goal. We all share similar goals and values and are eager to make an impact in the youth community through an entrepreneurial lense.

It’s also interesting to see how we all approach a topic or an issue from a different angle. Coming from different cultures and experiences, each connector brings something to the table which in turn helps us tackle challenge from various angles.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?
To me, entrepreneurship is a mindset, or a set of tools that help us initiate change and make an impact. These tools range from our ability to collaborate with one another to staying calm under pressure to constantly adapting in our rapidly changing environment.

That is why I’m a big believer that we’re all CEOs of our life. Whether we want to start a business or take ownership of our career, an entrepreneurial mindset provides us with the tools necessary to thrive in today’s fast-paced society.

Got any passions? What is your life goal and how will you reach it?
Great question! My passions usually change depending on the phase of life I am in. And I think that’s allowed me to try and experience new things. The few that have remained with me over the years are mindfulness meditation, content creation, and travelling to places I’ve never been.

In regards to your second question, I think my life goal (or my why) is still evolving. I’m still in the stage where I’m developing a deeper understanding of the intersections between 1) what I’m deeply passionate about, 2) what I can be the best at and 3) what best drives my economic engine.

(For those of you interested in learning more about this topic, search up ‘hedgehog theory”)

Today, I’m striving to live everyday to the fullest… Whether that means nurturing existing relationships, grabbing coffee with someone I admire, or shuffling to music - I’ve realized that it’s the little things that count.

Not to dodge the question though... Back in university, I used to have this piece of paper taped to my wall which I read every morning. It still remains true until this day. Here’s the 1st paragraph:

I’m driven by my passion to help people discover and share their gifts and talents with the world. I seek to design collaborative learning experiences that help us reflect and break through mental barriers.

What’s your superpower?

I would say it’s my ability to adapt and thrive in different social environments.

The best advice you could give to a young entrepreneur is to..
1) Invest in yourself. Eat well, move your body, attend events that inspire you, read a book about a topic you find interesting, and most importantly - surround yourself with people who challenge you to become a better version of yourself. The habits we develop today and over the years will go a long way in helping us live a healthy, balanced life.

2) Listen. Sounds so simple yet it’s so powerful. Personally speaking, practicing the art of listening has helped me connect on a much deeper level with the people around me, including my parents. This is also crucial in the realm of entrepreneurship - if you’re not listening to your costumer’s challenges, then how do you aim to offer a solution?

3) Be patient. All great things take time. Don’t rush life... as there is no destination. We’re in it. Rather than focusing on the end goal, focus on cultivating your craft.  

What are you reading/watching/listening to?
Big fan of the Tim Ferriss Show - a few of my favourites episodes are:
1) Tim & Tony Robbins
2) Tim & Tim Urban
3) Tim & Maria Popova

For fun, I <3 Rick & Morty and am currently watching Disenchantment on Netflix!

LOI Team