Make a New Year's resolution worth keeping

Start Small.

The key to making meaningful, lasting change in your life is to create good habits. There’s an abundance of scientific articles showing how willpower is a limited resource. Do yourself a favour and stop relying on it! Taking things slowly will allow you to create good habits. If you try and “turn over a new leaf” not only will you be cliche, but your changes likely won’t stick. The key to making lasting change is by starting small.

Plan ahead.

A little planning can go a long way. Taking some time to figure out the vision and goals of your company will give you something to work towards, something to evaluate. With a plan in place you can start evaluating the future needs of your company. Planning will help ensure long term growth and continued relevance of your company.

Anticipate obstacles.

Don’t get angry, get ready. In the real world things often don’t go exactly as planned. Anticipating obstacles will allow you to stay calm and cool and collected while you problem solve. Take a second to think about what’s most likely to go wrong and find the weak points in your plan. Being ready for something to go wrong will allow you to react quickly, smoothing out problems as they arise.

Make a few smaller goals, instead of one big goal.

You’re more likely to complete your big goal or project if you separate it into a few smaller ones. Spread out deadlines throughout the year to give you consistent motivation and evaluation as you go. Often New Year’s resolutions are forgotten rather quickly, separating your big task into a few smaller ones will help you be consistent with your goals.

Go for it!

We’ve been interviewing entrepreneurs across the country. Consistently, everyone we’ve talked to has said that you have to just start to become an entrepreneur. There’s never going to be a perfect time, don’t make excuses and just get going! There’s no time like the present, after all.

LOI Team