You know you want to build an idea into something, something big, something impactful. But where do you start with even getting that idea off the ground? We got you covered, with four tips that will help you build an idea.  

1. Do what you love.

Capitalize on your skills and work with people that can mentor you in areas you lack. Being passionate and intentional about your idea will empower you to find new and innovative solutions to your problem.

2. Look for things that annoy you, and solve them.

Those little frustrations you deal with on a regular basis? Maybe other people have the same problem. Solving problems is the basis of entrepreneurship, if you can make your life or the lives of people around you easier, you’ve got yourself the beginnings of an idea.

3. Talk to people, you already do it everyday!

You can’t do it alone! Bouncing ideas off others will give you new perspectives and points of view you might not have considered. Find people with opinions contrary to yours, you need a diverse range of personalities! Often we’ll find something that we missed when trying to explain an idea to another person.

4. Look at where you spend your time, and where you don’t.

Time is a valuable currency these days. Attention and followers are often used as currency. Looking at where you spend your time, and how you can improve the processes around your own life might lead to ideas for a greater audience.

Inspiration lies around you. Make sure you tap into these four unique ways of finding you big business idea. The more you engage with you everyday, the more you will see how business can change the way we live.

Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber