LOI Connect is designed to mobilize, connect and grow the entrepreneurial community around you, yes, YOU. Why? It takes a village, and we know that. LOI Connect is for those interested in entrepreneurship, and what the ‘start-up life’ really means. This isn’t just for entrepreneurs, so if you don’t think you are the next Steve Jobs, it’s ok (but if you do, it’s ok too).


Becoming a LOI Connector means getting your hands dirty: diving deep into the entrepreneurship world, meeting innovators in your city and connecting them with each other. As a Connector, your main goal is to build a community of current and aspiring young entrepreneurs and remove obstacles for youth to participate in entrepreneurship. Connectors will be supported centrally, and are encouraged to self direct and create new opportunities to create, inspire and foster innovation and entrepreneurship in their regions.

Are you a changemaker, leader, community builder, knowledge seeker or a general hustler? Get in touch with us to become a Connector in your city or region.





LOI Connect will provide young leaders with a platform to have honest conversations about entrepreneurship, openly share their ideas, and create a strong peer community locally and nationally. Check out what a LOI Connector role looks like.  



We recognize mentorship is critical to all our growth! As a LOI Connector you will receive mentorship and guidance from the LOI team and go from idea to action.



Expand your social and professional network and connect with business leaders, community innovators and changemakers across Canada!



Gain leadership and entrepreneurship experience and build skills in strategy, marketing, event-planning, public speaking and more!