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A 12-week accelerator program delivered virtually with hands on support through our regional nodes stationed in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Hamilton. Our program provides you with the education, access, community, network, and credibility that youth-led ventures require to scale. Our commitment is to meet young entrepreneurs where they are and shorten their runway to success. 

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Crash Courses

1 hour, 1 day or 1 week in person entrepreneur and innovation learning jams. Youth will be encouraged to explore their individual skill sets and passions, to identify real opportunities within their interest areas and design products and services that speak to them. 

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Building a national community of entrepreneurial and innovative youth while growing brand awareness and reach across Canada and beyond.

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Online Sessions

Learn what entrepreneurship is all about, no secrets left behind. Session topics range from ‘What the heck is entrepreneurship?’ to '#Goals'.





From discovery to acceleration.

League of Innovators (LOI) is a national Canadian charity with a vision of building entrepreneurial acumen for youth, at scale. LOI offers a suite of accessible programs and tools to provide youth educational experiences that shorten their path to success, empower their ability to be their own boss, and amplify their impact as future innovators and entrepreneurs. 

I was a young entrepreneur myself, and while I’m still young at heart, I’m now in the fortunate position to help accelerate and support young innovators and disruptors, by levelling the playing field and helping them to overcome unique challenges such as credibility, access to funds, and networks.
— Ryan Holmes

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